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It is with great pleasure that we look back on the European Tax & Legal Forum 2022, which took place from December 6 to 8. This year's agenda was dominated by the changing times of crises and upheavals in the legal, tax and business sectors - but also by the opportunities that new structures bring. Thus, the keynotes and panels mostly succeeded not only in taking a penetrating look at the current challenges, but also in always passing on practical approaches to solutions and best-practice experience to the participants.

On behalf of @Oliver Holzinger and the entire conference team, we would like to thank all panelists, speakers, and moderators for guiding us so purposefully through the three-day and interdisciplinary exchange. We are overwhelmed by the great fedback following the forum. Over the three days, more than 5,300 participants and viewers tuned into the stream or were live on the platform on-site. This is another huge leap compared to last year and reinforces our view that the need to talk and network remains a key concern not only across disciplines, but also across borders.


Two aspects were particularly noteworthy this year. The introduction of the third day, which focused on Legal & Tax Technology and aspects of Artificial Intelligence, immediately reached as many spectators and participants as the established conference points on the first two days. Furthermore, the European Tax & Legal Forum 2022 lived up to its name. In addition to a strong increase in participants from the DACH region and the resulting consolidation, the conference also attracted more participants from other EU countries through an English-language stream with simultaneous translation.

Next date | We would be pleased if you now already mark the week from 05 to 08 December 2023 in your calendar. There will be - this much may already be revealed - a new significant expansion of the conference program. Without you as participants, this would not be possible. We wish you a pleasant Christmas season and are already looking forward to you and your participation in 2023.

Your European Tax & Legal Forum Team

Speakers 2022


The European Tax & Legal Forum on 24 and 25 November 2021 focused on interdisciplinary exchange and brought together for the second time excellent representatives at the level of general counsel, head of tax, academia and administration as well as selected representatives from the consulting community from the DACH region. The focus was on linking the practically applicable knowledge from Tax & Legal with the current economic challenges, thus creating added value and searching for the answers to the major economic, cyclical and monetary policy questions.

Conference sets new standards

On behalf of initiator Oliver Holzinger and the entire team, we would like to thank all moderators, panelists, speakers and of course all participants for a great event that took another leap forward this year. Following the digital conference, we received numerous positive messages about the impulses discussed, the most important food for thought provided by the speakers and - this is also not a matter of course - about the technical process as well as the networking opportunities in the form of profile matching and video chats during the conference.

We at Tax & Legal Excellence were pleased with each and every feedback from our 1,322 participants in total on both days and with their time, as well as with the fact that in these - unfortunately again - special and restrictive times we were not only able to promote interdisciplinary exchange, but that cross-border exchange with participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France and the UK was also lived and used via the networking tools of the platform.

Next date | We would be pleased if you would already mark the beginning of December 2022 in your calendar. In terms of topics and content, the expansion is already taking concrete shape and we are confident that we will be able to raise the event to an even higher interdisciplinary level.

Speakers 2021

Conference Review - Digital Lead Conference 2020

On 26 and 27 November 2020, the digital premiere of the European Tax & Legal Forum took place and showed that even in these difficult times, no one had to forego interdisciplinary exchange and valuable insights beyond their own nose.

Gathered in digital form on both days were the members of the Network of Excellence. Tax & Legal Excellencethe heads of legal, compliance and tax departments from the DACH region, representatives from academia, administration and the judiciary, as well as renowned consultants from the fields of corporate legal and corporate tax. The focus was not only on networking among each other, but also on the transfer of insights on current financial, legal and economic policy issues.

Future in law and economy

On the first day, the current pandemic and its economic and legal consequences were the central theme of the conference. Thanks go to Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research, who showed in his opening keynote how hard the crisis is hitting the German economy, where the gap between perception and reality is widening and went into detail about the key figures of recession and countermeasures.

The fact that Brexit - a term with mostly negative connotations in Germany - can also have positive effects, e.g. for the financial centre Frankfurt, was discussed by Dr. Jörg Kukies, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, in his Impulse Talk. and thus ushered in the second block on the topic of the effects of Corona in the banking landscape, before the conference turned to the legal effects of the crisis in the afternoon.

Particularly noteworthy here was the keynote address by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Kirchhof, retired Vice President of the Federal Constitutional Court, who cast the spotlight from a constitutional law perspective on the current debate surrounding measures under the Infection Protection Act and the role of parliament in deciding on restrictions, before the subsequent panel on civil, criminal and tax law provided insights from practice into how Corona has changed the work and the fields themselves in the respective areas.

Future in tax and economy

On the second day, tax law specialists in particular got their money's worth. The participants' chat generated a great deal of feedback, especially Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lars Feld in his opening keynote on Germany as a tax location and Prof. Dr. Key Pousttchiwho put his finger on the wonders of the lack of digitalisation in Germany and explained how Germany is in danger of losing out internationally in this area.

The rest of the Corporate Tax Day was devoted to international tax law, with the international panel of representatives from academia, politics and the corporate sector debating Pillar I and Pillar II, while the other main topics were trade wars and tariffs, their continuation post-Trump and Switzerland as a business location.

As on the first day, the workshops on corporate sanctions law and on the digitalisation of tax processes deepened the impressions or filled gaps in what had been heard.

On a personal note | Following the European Tax & Legal Forum, we received a lot of positive feedback on the topics, the speakers' insights and - this is not a matter of course - on the technical procedure. We were delighted with each and every one of the extremely positive responses from our participants and speakers, as well as the overwhelming confirmation of the format.

Thank you for walking the path with us. We are already planning not only a new edition for the last week of November 2021 from 24 to 25 November, but a thematic expansion of the format taking into account your topic requests that have reached us. Thanks go to all who made the digital conference possible and were part of it.

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